Frequently Asked Questions

For exact terms and conditions, please refer to the General Terms agreement as well as the Desktop, Web, App, and Test licenses. If you have any questions regarding licensing or if you require extended or customized licensing, please contact us at


What is a font license and a EULA?

Fonts are licensed, not sold. When you “purchase a font,” you are actually purchasing a font license or in other words you a purchasing a license to use the font in a specified ways. Tipofili owns and reserves all of the rights to the fonts.

The font license is also known as the EULA which stands for “End User License Agreement.” The EULA specifies the terms and conditions of use, and serves as the legally binding contract between you and Tipofili.

You are both advised and required to read the EULA before making a purchase. This is to ensure that you agree to the terms and understand what you can and can’t do with our fonts.

If you have any questions regarding licensing or if you require extended or customized licensing, please contact us at

Who should purchase a license? Me or my client?

Desktop Fonts

In general, anyone that uses or installs the fonts needs to license the fonts.

Organizations (studios, agencies, etc.) and individuals (freelancers, contractors, etc.) who licensed the fonts but are not employed by the client cannot not share a license with the client.

When the client has licensed the font, organizations or individuals producing work for that client need to obtain their own license to use the fonts.


Each webfont license allows the fonts to be used on one domain that is owned and controlled by the licensee. Separate licenses are required for additional domains and/or different licensees.

If I need to add more coverage (more users, monthly web traffic, additional apps, etc.) can I upgrade my license?

Of course. Just send us an email at and we’ll get that taken care of for you.

If I license one style now, can I upgrade my license to cover the complete family later? Will I get a discount?

Yes and yes. Send us an email of your receipt and we will provide you with a discount code to purchase the complete family which covers the cost of your original purchase.

What is your refund and exchange policy?

All sales are final, and no refunds will be issued. We can only exchange font files in the case of a defect.

Are there any recurring costs?

No, all of our licenses are perpetual. Additional licensing is only needed when expanding the coverage (more users, monthly web traffic, additional apps, etc.) of your original license.

Can I transfer my license to another person?

You may transfer the license provided:

  • You deliver written notice of the transferee’s legal name (or legal entity name) and contact information
  • We approve of the transfer in writing
  • The transferee agrees to the terms and conditions of the agreement
  • You uninstall and destroy all copies of the font software

Please view Section 6 of the General Terms for the exact terms.

I have an older version of your font. Can I get the newer version?

Certainly! Send us an email of your receipt along with your current font files so we can first determine whether or not your fonts are out of date. If they are out of date then we will set you up with the most recent version.


Can I use your fonts in a logo?

A special license is required if the fonts serve as the sole design element or a substantial part of a logo. For clarity, fonts used as a secondary supportive element of the logo or brand are permitted, but simply typesetting your logo in our fonts requires additional licensing.

Can you modify or customize one of your fonts for me?

Yes! Whether it is modifying a font for your logo and customizing a font for your brand, please email and we’d be happy to talk to you about your project.

Do you offer variable fonts?

Due to varying support across platforms and software, we do not offer any retail variable fonts. If you require or are interested in using a variable font version of one of our typefaces please contact us with more details.

How do I turn on (or off) the ligatures in Montecatini Pro?

The ligatures feature are controlled by the contextual alternates feature. To activate them, be sure that contextual alternates are turned on. To deactivate them, simply turn off contextual alternates.

Please note, while many browsers activate contextual alternates by default, there are some that do not. If you want to ensure Montecatini Pro is rendering all of the ligatures properly across browsers, then be sure to manually activate the contextual alternates feature in your CSS.

Tests & Discounts

Do you offer test versions of your fonts?

Yes, test versions of the entire Tipofili font library are available for download here.

Do you offer a student discount?

Yes, we offer a 60% discount to all students interested in licensing our fonts. Please email us from your student email address or send us your student identification, and we will follow up with a student discount code.

Your license will be subject to the same terms and conditions of the license you choose upon checkout which means you can use the fonts in both student and commercial work.

Do you offer bundle discounts?

Yes, we offer select bundle discounts when purchasing entire font families or subfamilies. Fonts are also discounted as the coverage of the selected licenses increase.