This App End User License Agreement (this “App EULA”) constitutes a legally binding agreement between you (the “Licensee”) and Louise Fili Ltd (together with its successors and assigns, “Licensor”).  This App EULA, together with the General Terms (the “Agreement”), governs the License and Licensee’s use of the Font Software.

Permitted Use of Font Software and Webforms

Apps. Subject to the License in the General Terms, the Font Software may only be accessed within the App or the applicable device. Licensee may distribute Apps with the embedded Font Software to third parties. As used in this App EULA, “Apps” means any application that can be installed on the operating systems of a mobile/tablet/PC device. Licensee is permitted to use the License solely in connection with the Apps set forth in the purchase order (or identified in such other format as approved by Licensor) when Licensee purchases the Font Software. The list of Apps may be amended or modified only with the express written permission of Licensor.

Webforms. The use of the Font Software for static or dynamic forms is permitted provided that Licensee does not use the Fonts as a tool or resource for third parties to create customized products or documents. Licensee must purchase a special license for any use of the Fonts in editable text, including for the purpose of end user created designs, such as in templates, adding text to photographs or the creation of products requires the purchase of a separate license.

Unique User

A unique user is a distinct mobile/tablet/PC device connecting to Licensee’s App. The average monthly traffic of Licensee’s App, measured in unique users over the span of six consecutive months, must not exceed the amount shown on Licensee’s purchase order. If the maximum number of allowed unique users is exceeded for three (3) consecutive months, the purchase of an additional license is required. The terms and price associated with this license are based upon the App names and maximum unique users. If Licensee anticipates an increase in unique users, increase in the number of Apps or an election to not renew this license Licensee should notify Licensor as early as possible. Licensee is not entitled to a refund, offset or other adjustment in the event of a reduction in the number of Apps or reduction of the number of unique users, irrespective of the reasons.


Licensor reserves the right to inspect or monitor Licensee’s usage, and if Licensor has good faith reasons to believe that Licensee is exceeding its permitted usage, Licensor may request that Licensee provide a certified report of its usage to Licensor within five (5) business days of such notice from Licensor.