Desktop EULA

This Desktop End User License Agreement (this “Desktop EULA”) constitutes a legally binding agreement between you (the “Licensee”) and Tipofili LLC (together with its successors and assigns, “Licensor”).  This Desktop EULA, together with the General Terms (the “Agreement”), governs the License and Licensee’s use of the Font Software.


Subject to the License in the General Terms, this Desktop Addendum provides a license of the Font Software by a specified number of users. Each individual-Licensee of the Font Software is required to purchase his/her own license to install and use the Font Software and shall be the sole authorized user thereof. Each organization-Licensee is required to purchase its license based on the total number of authorized employees who will have access to use the Font Software. Please contact us at for specific details. Font Software may not be stored or used in any manner that makes them accessible to the public or non-licensed third parties. For the purposes of clarity, this License is for individual users or organizations purchasing for authorized employees only. For the avoidance of doubt, Licensee (or its employees or contractors) uses the Font Software when an individual gives commands, whether by keyboard or otherwise, through any desktop application or program that contains a font menu (e.g., Microsoft Office suite or Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, or Photoshop, etc.).

Service Bureau/Printer Use. To reproduce a particular document, Licensee may provide a copy of the specified Font Software to a commercial printer or service bureau. Afterwards, the printer or service bureau must destroy the copies of the Font Software.

Embedding of Fonts. Solely in connection with the uses permitted by the License, Licensee may embed the Font Software into digital documents or data files so long as (i) the Font Software is subset, (ii) the document text can be viewed and printed but not edited, and (iii) reasonable measures are taken to ensure recipients of such documents cannot extract or use the embedded Font Software. Rasterized copies of images showing the Font Software are permitted provided the images do not result in all or substantially all of the characters comprising the Font Software. If the resulting images show most or all of the font characters, a rasterized showing of the Font Software is not permitted.

Modifications. Licensee may create outline artworks based upon the Font Software for its personal or business use. However, the use of any font creation or font manipulation program or any attempt to modify the Font Software for the purposes of creating a usable, derivative or substitute version of the Font Software is prohibited. Under no circumstances may Licensee modify, adapt, translate, reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble, alter, or otherwise attempt to discover the source code of the Font Software or the designs embodied therein. Licensee further agrees not to commission or authorize any third party to undertake modifications to the Font Software without prior written consent from Licensor.

Geographic Restrictions; Internal Servers. Use of the Font Software in more than one geographic location or by means of server or central CPU outside of the terms of Licensee’s License is permitted provided each user or potential user is licensed in accordance with this Desktop Addendum and the General Terms, and the number of users that may access the Font Software must not exceed the number of licensed users. License upgrades may be purchased at the website or by contacting

License Restrictions

In addition to other prohibited uses described in Section 4 of the General Terms, Licensee shall not be permitted to do any of the following under the Desktop License:

Using as Webfonts. Use the Font Software as a webfont, convert the Font Software into webfont formats (e.g., Cufon, WOFF, WOFF2, EOT, SVG, TTF, etc.), or create and/or embed the Font Software into web pages of any websites; and

Using in Certain Other Media. Use the Font Software to create and/or embed the Font Software (or vector and rasterized representations of the Font Software) into (i) video files (e.g., Flash or HTML5); (ii) any form of digital publishing document files (e.g., in EPUB or similar formats); (iii) commercial or non-commercial broadcasts, including, without limitation, movies, television, news, commercials, or other programming, whether in broadcast graphics, trailers, commercials, title cards, credits, or otherwise; or (iv) CSS rule @font-face or other forms of font linking.